Job Interview Questions to ask Your Employer

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Note: I’m by no means an expert in this. I just made these questions up for my own sake. I did however look at posts created by others, some by self-proclaimed experts. There were only two that I actually liked.

There are so many blog posts out there about questions to be prepared for as an employee as a developer. On the other hand we are often fortunate enough to be able to choose the company we want to work for. I even think that for team leader or lead developer positions you must ask questions like these to make sure that you’ll fit in the company properly.


  1. What is the company structure like?
  2. What do you like most about the company?
  3. Would you allow employees to do remote work to some extent?
  4. Do you consider the company more marketing or IT driven? (And this office or branch?)
  5. Does the company represent itself at industry conferences?
  6. Do you contribute to open source projects?


  1. What are your key search terms when looking for a new office?
  2. How many people works/will work in the office?
  3. Are you open for purchasing MacBooks for developers?
  4. Is there free food, cereals? Coffee? Club Mate? Fruits? Canteen?
  5. Is there / will be there anything special about the office? Gaming room? Quite room? Technical library?


  1. How often do you expect overwork?
  2. How would you compensate for overwork?
  3. How are employees measured?

Team Building

  1. What personal attributes are you looking for when hiring colleagues?
  2. How often would you find time and money to support team building events?
  3. What are your thoughts on in-house educational workshops, talks and hackathons?


  1. What training programs are available to your employees?
  2. Do you have budget for conferences?
  3. Do you have plans to do language trainings?
  4. Do you have a mentorship program?

This how far I got. Obviously feel free to pick and use the ones you agree with and leave out the ones you feel inappropriate. If you think I left out something important, feel free to comment.