3 recent posts on tech management I loved

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My favorite posts on management from recent years.

The danger of detached management

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The danger of detached management especially in software engineering teams

Polyglot Tinkering - Moving to Firefox with Python

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How Python saved my day when it turned out Firefox and LastPass have limited support for each other

FP public code review (#1)

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Looking at how to solve problems in different languages is fun

Go is my gateway drug

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How Go opened me up for functional languages

Coolest Open Source Go Projects in the Wild - 2017

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Find out how Go is used in the wild

Everything You Need to Know to Start with Go

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Links for getting started with Go

Test PHP versions and projects with Docker in minutes

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Docker is definitely gaining momentum among developers as lightweight virtual-machine, helping developers replicating faking live environments or even deploying built images. However I think many still fail to realise the potential of Docker as an easy and fast way to «install» and test tools

My Vanilla Vim Cheatsheet

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Vim is great, but learning to drive it is a long term process. This is my cheat sheet for vanilla installations.

My Vim Plugins

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Vim is awesome out of the box, with plugins it’s unbelievable

PhpStorm and IntelliJ tips

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PhpStorm I find Jeffrey Way’s series on PhpStorm extremely useful even after 2 years of using the software. Please check out his series on laracast.com. On the other hand, Jeffrey uses a Mac therefore he’s keyboard layout and keymap preferences are somewhat different from mine. Feel free to adapt whatever you like from both of us. My keys were only really tested on Debian linux. Short keys Alt+0: Toogle Project window.

How I Ended Up Loving Vim Within a Week

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Where I’m coming from? I mostly work with PHP and JS at work. I code a fair bit in Go, some in Python and less in some more languages in my free time. As most devs, I’m always in love with my current toolset, especially with my editors and IDEs. I started writing code in Notepad++ a long-long time ago. Later I used Dreamweaver (I regret to admit), Eclipse, Netbeans, Sublime Text and «finally» PhpStorm.

PhpMetrics of Popular PHP Projects

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Using phpmetrics to generate static analysis of popular php projects

First Impressions of Hugo

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Prerequisite So I’m lately enjoying Go as my language of choice and Hugo is an open source site generator written in Go. It is a new project when you compare it to alternatives like Wordpress or Joomla but even when compared to the big fish of the genre: Jekyll. Since I haven’t done any blogging for ages, I had the urge to start over from scratch, hopefully lasting longer and having a much better sprint this time.

Debugging CLI Scripts with Xdebug

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So you’ve set up your IDE to debug your webapp. Cool. It’s time to set it up for command line scripts too. No worries, it’s going to be a whole lot faster. export XDEBUG_CONFIG="idekey=XDEBUG_PHPSTORM"

Jenkins for Javascript I.

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I actually thought that setting up Jenkins to properly test a PHP based application is hard. Then I tried to do the same for JavaScript…

Don't Die

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Using Xdebug instead of exit and die